Joe Horn-Phathanothai Unveils China’s Shifting Landscape in LSE Talk


In a captivating evening at the London School of Economics (LSE), Joe Horn-Phathanothai, founder of Strategy613, offered a profound analysis of China’s evolution over the past two decades and its implications for the future. Hosted by the LSE School of Public Policy, the event titled “China – a Tale of Two Decades: what the shifts of the past decade mean for the next” delved deep into the economic, political, and social fabric of China.

Drawing from his extensive experience working with China, Joe Horn-Phathanothai provided a unique perspective on the country’s current model and its trajectory amidst the dynamic geopolitical landscape of the 21st century. His insights shed light on China’s remarkable transformation and its implications for global affairs.

At the core of the discussion was Strategy613’s role in advising top-tier corporations on cross-border investments, with a focus on China and Thailand. Joe Horn-Phathanothai’s intimate ties with China’s leadership, spanning three generations, added a historical depth to the dialogue. His family’s legacy, intricately intertwined with China’s history, offered a rich backdrop to understanding the country’s journey.

Joe Horn-Phathanothai and Professor Andrés Velasco

Beyond his professional endeavors, Joe Horn-Phathanothai’s commitment to philanthropy was highlighted. His contributions to initiatives like the Chang Ai Children’s Project and the Oxford Thai Foundation underscored his dedication to social causes and youth empowerment.

With accolades including an MBE of the Order of the British Empire, Joe Horn-Phathanothai’s expertise, backed by a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Oxford and a Master’s in Pure Mathematics from Cambridge, solidified his authority on the subject.

The event, chaired by Professor Andrés Velasco, Dean of the LSE School of Public Policy, exemplified the institution’s commitment to fostering dialogue on pressing global issues. As an international hub where ideas and practice converge, the LSE School of Public Policy continues to shape the minds of future leaders equipped to navigate the complexities of governance in the modern world.

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by Strategy 613 Team |  Feb 13, 2020

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