Joe Horn-Phathanothai founded Strategy613 in 2000. ​ The company provides blue-chip corporates with strategic ​advice relating to their cross-border investments, with a particular focus on Thailand and China. Joe and his mother, Sirin Phathanothai, have maintained​ close relationships with decision-makers and leaders ​in both countries over several decades. On the back of this special relationship, Strategy613 ​has been able to deliver unique insight and tailor-made​ solutions to its clients. Our experienced team and boutique ​approach ensures that each client has our fullest attention at ​all times during the transaction, and even after completion. ​​


Many of our clients do not decide on day one what type of expansion they wish to undertake when entering China or Thailand. Should one acquire a competitor or a supplier? Should one partner with a local firm? Should one build out a branch network? Should one go national, or just focus on a region? Which product mix is best suited for the local market? At Strategy613 we can help guide you in making these decisions, and then follow through to helping you implement your preferred strategy. We have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with the financial and operational requirements associated with transactions in Asia. As an exclusive advisory firm, we provide a fully customised solution to each of our clients.


More than just providing broad strategic plans, we work with our clients from the planning stage through to execution and finally to conclusion.  We know that each case is unique therefore we offer long-lasting and effective solutions that cater to each of our client’s needs.

Turnaround Strategy

Economic and regulatory conditions are constantly changing, sometimes with adverse consequences for businesses.  Our consultants work with our clients in turning around operations to achieve profitability.

Case Study: Makro turnaround and sale to Lotte Group of Korea

Growth Strategy

We work with our clients to develop entry and expansion strategies for their businesses in China and Thailand.  As an Asian specialist, we can expertly navigate with our clients through a complex web of regulatory and compliance issues.

Case Study: ABN Expansion in China

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability is shorthand for long-term success. Beyond compliance with ever-evolving ESG rules and requirements, we help clients who are committed to corporate responsibility and sustainability leadership to identify and intervene on their most strategic points of leverage to advance sustainability as a driver of business opportunity and growth.


The fundamental principle of our Corporate Finance and M&A practice is:  to bring the right deal, at the right time and at the right price for our clients.  Our advice is independent and impartial.

We accompany our clients from projects initiation through to regulatory approvals. Our services include:


  • Developing list of potential buyers / targets;
  • Hiring the deal team (lawyers, accountants, real estate valuers);
  • Due diligence;
  • Building the data-room;
  • Documentation;
  • Negotiations;
  • Liaising with regulatory entities (Ministry of Commerce, Foreign Exchange authorities, State-owned equity exchanges, etc.).

Case Study: ICBC acquisition of ACL Bank in Thailand


Strategy613 has advised the Government of China on various projects and policy initiatives including Trade, Retailing, Renewable Energy and Security. We have also helped organise international roadshows for provincial governments, and high level official visits between Thailand and China.

We continue to foster excellent relations with central and local government organisations in Thailand and China and our solid reputation among such organisations is not without justification.  We also proactively promote constructive dialogue between corporates and governments to encourage mutual understanding and trust, and have consistently structured win-win partnerships and programmes between all the parties involved.

Case Study: Thai Retail Entry into China


In Asia, relationship is key.  Having the right partner in the right type of relationship is the fine line between success and failure for businesses in Asia.

At Strategy613 we have an extensive relationship network of regional, national and multinational companies, businesses and organisations operating in Asia, and they provide us with unparalleled access to and knowledge of the prevailing market conditions.  Through this network and based on our knowledge we are well suited to assist our clients in developing long-lasting and beneficial partnerships in Asia.

Case Study: KBank Partnership with Minsheng

Our Team

Joe Horn-Phathanothai

Joe Horn-Phathanothai holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Oxford University and a Master’s degree in Pure Mathematics from Cambridge University. After graduation, Joe joined Deutsche Morgan Grenfell in Singapore and later Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong. Since founding Strategy613, Joe has established himself as one of the foremost business and finance advisors in China. In addition to English, Joe is also fluent in English, Chinese, French and Thai.

Victor Zhang

Victor Zhang holds MSc degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science and Sussex University, showcasing his strong academic foundation. With this background, Victor brings invaluable financial acumen to his role as Vice President at Strategy613. Formerly an Associate Director at KPMG Financial Advisory Services, Victor now spearheads our team with exceptional expertise in Mergers & Acquisitions, Valuation, and Modeling. He has successfully led critical projects, including the acquisition of a state-owned mining company in South Africa and the expansion of a domestic mining company into Zambia. His strategic prowess, honed during his tenure at Deloitte, is evident in his approach to problem-solving and decision-making.

Zhao Hui

Zhao Hui holds a Bachelor's degree in Ideological and Political Education from Peking University. She has been in charge of Strategy613 Beijing office's accounting, HR, logistics, and secretarial work since 2008. Zhao Hui obtained her Qualification as Equity Exchange Broker in 2014.

Leo Horn-Phathanothai

Leo is an accomplished leader in sustainable development. He has played an influential part in shaping international sustainability policies, norms and standards over two decades in the public and private sectors, including in China, the US, UK, Brazil, Mexico and Africa. Most recently he’d worked as a Director at the World Resources Institute (WRI), and played an instrumental role in the organization’s rapid growth from 300 to >2,700 experts, expanding its global reach and impact to over 60 countries. Before that Leo worked as a sustainability expert at the United Nations, the World Bank and in the UK Government. Leo recently moved to Bangkok where he is working with Chinese, regional and international actors to accelerate investment, innovation, and policy change in the region.

Sudaluk (Ann)

Sudaluk (Ann) Watchakittikorn holds a bachelor’s degree with first class honours in Fine Arts and Applied Arts from Thammasat University in Bangkok. Before joining Strategy613, Ann was part of a management team at a trading firm and also worked at the Raffles Design Institute in Bangkok. During her time at Strategy613, Ann has worked on many projects with Thai and Chinese conglomerates and Government agencies.


Sitanant Srichanthuk holds a Bachelor's degree in French from Silpakorn University along with a MA’s degree in Cultural Management from Chulalongkorn University. Prior to joining Strategy613, she was a part of one of Thailand’s top leading airline team and also worked at Alliance Française de Bangkok, a leading Franco-Thai cultural center, as an Administrative Assistant of International Art Center. Ever since she joined Strategy613, she has been in charge of many significant tasks, assuring the greatest performance among team.

Wang Runjin

Wang Runjin holds a bachelor’s degree in financial management from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. Then went on to achieve a master’s degree in banking and finance from University of St. Andrews. Currently works as a M&A analyst at Strategy613. Previous work experience includes time as a finance intern at China Construction Bank and China International Trust & Investment Corporation. During her free time, Runjin enjoys tennis, golf and visiting cultural sites. Furthermore, she possesses fluency in both Chinese and English.

Zhifei Luo

Zhifei Luo holds Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Manchester Metropolitan University along with a master’s degree in Science Technology and Society from University College London. Previous work experience includes analyst in Mailyard Share and internal audit for TMT industry. She passed ACCA F1-F7 & F9 in 2020. She is a native Chinese speaker, fluent in English, beginner in Thai.

Apisara Songprated

Apisara brings a unique blend of educational and administrative proficiency to her role. With a Bachelor of Education (English Major) from Silpakorn University, Apisara's academic foundation is complemented by her extensive professional experience. In her role as an academic program coordinator at Mahidol University, she had demonstrated exceptional organizational skills. Additionally, Apisara has a beginner level proficiency in German, further enhancing her ability to support diverse tasks within our team and ensure smooth administrative operations.

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News & Updates

The relationship between Strategy613's founder Joe Horn-Phathanothai, and the leaders of China and Thailand spans three generations. In the 1950's Joe's granfather, Sang Phathanothai, was a close personal advisor to the Thai Prime Minister Field Marshal Pibulsongkram.
At the height of the Cold War, he advised the Prime Minister ot initiate secret links with the very top level of Chinese leadership (Thailand was at the time under the protective umbrella of the United States). As a token of good intention, he sent two of his children to China to be brought up by the Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai. Joe's mother, Sirin Phathanothai, was raised by the Premier for 13 years, until the Cultural Revolution.
For over 40 years, Sirin has acted as a bridge between the political and business leader of China and Thailand, as well as those of Europe, the US, and the Middle East. She has successfuly paved the way for many high-level state visits, and introduced many foreign banks and corporates to China since the late 1970's. In 2000 Joe Horn-Phathanothai found Strategy613. He has continued and expanded this special relationship.
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